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An essay is a short work of writing which includes writer’s opinion and express information. Few essays are simple to write that students can directly jump to writing. However, the majority of them require planning. There are several steps required to plan an essay and write it successfully. Following are the steps:-

  1. Decide the topic, if students have been given the choice to choose one
  2. Decide what type of essay has to be written
  3. Discuss, brainstorm the topic
  4. Begin with the profound research
  5. Develop a thesis
  6. Draw an outline of the essay
  7. Start writing the essay
  8. Edit the work

There are many types of essays but majorly they have been divided into four types i.e.

  1. Narrative essay: – As the name goes ‘narrative’, it tells a story. The writer gives the information straightforwardly, in an organized manner.
  2. Descriptive essay: – Under this, a writer focuses on the details. For instance, if the writer has been to a museum, he or she will explain the sculptures; will give a brief of history, etc.
  3. Persuasive essay: – Again, as the name goes by, it is written to persuade the readers.
  4. Comparative essay: – In this type of essay comparison and contrast is done. Both similarity and differences are written about.

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